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Sidecar! Creative Team Reviews 2021 Brand Design Trends

Design has been evolving like crazy in the last couple of years and has given us plenty to work with when it comes to our most creative projects. However, not all trends are created equal, some we like, some we don’t. Our creative team took a lot and gave us their two cents. So without further ado, let’s introduce our players... 

  Gabe Chiddy “Design Rockstar”       Mike MacFarlane ”Director of Arts and Crafts”       Kris Mariani “Conductor of Visual Stimulation,” “Krusty”


DriveBot: Happy New Year Creative Team! Was wondering your opinions on some brand design trends for 2021. Like muted colors, whaddya think? :)

Kris: If muted colors aren’t a part of a brand’s colors, then they really aren’t usable and can’t be forced. 
Gabe: I have noticed the team using more muted colors. I think this is a good time for it, but I also find it’s nice to use muted colors in contrast to the bright brights that are still so prominent. I think it makes those brights pop a bit, while pulling them back at the same time. Does that make sense? 
Mike: (hate’s bright colors) Love me some ~pastelles~ ? Is that how you spell that?
DriveBot: *Pastels 
Mike: Oof. 

DriveBot: Cool, and minimalism? Do y’all like this trend? 
Gabe: Yep. 
DriveBot: lol, nice one GC. 
Mike: “He simply inclined his head. No more needed to be said” 
Kris: “Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.” —Leo Babauta. We could go on forever here,  but I always say less is more
DriveBot: ded. 

DriveBot: how about Asymmetry?
Gabe: Loving that asymmetry is becoming more mainstream. I can’t even tell you the last time I made something symmetrical and was happy with it. 
Mike: “Symmetry is dumb.” Definitely not my quote.
Kris: So long as it doesn’t feel like it wants to tip over. Asymmetrical, but balanced.
Mike: Also, yes. 

DriveBot: Designers have been utilizing data visualization, has Drive been using this? Or would you be interested in using it in the future?
Gabe: Drive is working on this. I don’t think we get a ton of requests for data visualization as projects, but I think there is room to present information to clients in a way that is more visually pleasing. 
Mike: *Points up*
Kris: It’s about easier digestion, or, explain it to me like I’m a 5 year old. 

DriveBot: Y’all like flat Icons and Illustrations?
Gabe: Total fan. This follows in the minimalism category if you ask me. I love that flat clean look that an icon can bring to the table. 
Mike: Also, yes. 
Kris: What Gabe said. I also like simple icons with a single line weight. 

DriveBot: I have the feeling I know the answer to this but...Simple and Classic Fonts?
Gabe: Serif fonts are making a comeback and Drive has fully embraced it with Georgia! She is so elegant next to her partner, Oswald. They are the cutest couple in the office :)
Mike: Timeless. *Chef’s kiss*
Kris: *Points up* True story.

DriveBot: Motion Logos are extra trendy recently, no?
Gabe: This is something I’m excited to get into, but I think it’s important to balance want with need. A lot of our clients don’t necessarily have a reason for motion logos. That’s not to say there aren’t some that could really roll with this. Idk.  
Mike: The movement of a logo can sometimes be more powerful than the logo itself. It’s the “actions speak louder than words” of branding. 
Kris: Creates engagement with the viewer. But to Gabe’s point, don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. Have a reason.
DriveBot: Rapid Fire! 
Kris: ?!
DriveBot: Overlapping Designs!
Mike: Ugh. love. 
Gabe: Haven't thought about this one all too much but I’m interested to see what will come of it!
Kris: Yup, depth. Textchah! But make it legible...unless, of course, the purpose is to be illegible. 

DriveBot: Geometric Shapes!
Kris: *Triple tap!*
Gabe: AH something I'm constantly trying to work with. I love a minimalistic look with this intrusive shape building into the frame. 

DriveBot: Dark Mode!
Gabe: Is there another mode?
Mike: Never really think about it. Made the switch and never looked back. 
DriveBot: Mike “Hates Bright Colors” MacFarlane.
Kris: Gonna knock it, cause I tried it. Not my jam. 
DriveBot: Ending the rapid fire on a high note, nice work team. 

DriveBot: How about Social Slide Decks?
Gabe: What’s that? Lawl 
Mike: Nice deck? 
Kris: “Let’s all do the electric sliiiiiiide.” —Marcia Griffiths and Bunny Wailer
DriveBot: okay, clearly not trendy enough… moving on!

DriveBot: Text in Videos? Yes? No?
Gabe: I mean, just more video in general… *Shrug Emoji* 
Mike: Sure. 
Kris: If it’s right. People tend to absorb the content better. 

DriveBot: Natural Designs
Gabe: As a real plant lover, I’m into this 100% 
Mike: Supported 100% if it is what I think it is. 
Kris: Organic is way cool, from the colors to the shapes to the textures. It’s pretty cool how you can find both symmetry and asymmetry, and perfection and imperfection in nature. 

DriveBot: Authenticity
Gabe: At Drive, this is something we’ve been striving for. We really want to show people who we are and what we’re capable of. There are many things we use stock imagery for and sometimes I cringe, but I do think there is a place for it as long as it’s used intentionally and with a lot of thought.
DriveBot: Like putting your content in a group-text format to be fun?
Gabe: *sunglasses emoji*
Mike: Authenticity, most important, indeed.
Kris: Authenticity to the brand is of the utmost importance. 

DriveBot: That’s all I got, team. Thanks for playing!


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