Making brands resonate.

We help businesses better understand themselves and their audiences. This changes everything.

Our Unique Process

  1. BRAND DISCOVERY FORUMS Our branding process is unique and simple. It begins with our brand discovery forums.  A genuine and authentic brand is not built from an agency in their conference room. It is developed through hearing what is already working for you. Your true brand already exists through the eyes of your best customers. Wouldn't you like more customers just like them? They know why they choose you. And the reasons are good ones. Our job is to uncover those through our faciliated forums. We engage your customers in conversations and we listen. We conduct these forums in your primary geographic market. So we go to them. We meet in living rooms, conference rooms, over dinner and cocktails or if you and your customers prefer, we will have one on one meetings and phone conversations.  These forums are energizing, confirming, enlightening and a little bit of fun (ok, alot!)  And unlike a traditional focus group format, we want and encourage you to sit in and listen. You will love what you hear!

  2. BRAND DEVELOPMENT With this invaluable information from your customers in hand, our team gets to work. We were listening for commonalities that we call your "Brand Pillars." These are the 3, 4 or 5 primary reasons that your customers choose your business. We define these for you, along with associated brand words and we pull out "sound bites" for you. These are the real life phrases that your customers used when talking about your brand. From here, we develop your brand promise, or positioning statement. Lastly, we create the visual representation of your brand, your new or refined logo.

  3. CELEBRATE AND IMPLEMENT Your new brand’s launch will be a reason to celebrate, an opportunity to tell your unique brand story with the world. We'll help you with that. And, we'll develop a targeted and focused sales and marketing strategy, one that is driven by a return on investment for you.